A Few Sample Projectors Under 100

This is a short informational guide for all those movie buffs out there. It is also for those of you who are quite enthusiastic about gathering the family together (or other special friends) to watch self-produced home movies on your very first big screen. No, we are not referring to your all too familiar big screen flat TVs. We are referring to movie projectors under 100 dollars. Do a quick online conversion to see what it is likely to cost you in your own country.

Time is short. Time is money, especially when you’ve only got a hundred bucks to spend. Just so you don’t waste those bucks of yours, let’s get straight down to the meat and bones of your sample projectors. Because time is against us as well, we’ll run through just three recommended projectors with you so long. These are your DB Power T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini projector, your Blusmart LED 9 home video projector, and your Crenova XPE 460 LED video and home projector.

Here are the DB Power’s main features. As the full make/model name suggests, it is in 1500 Lumens. As a portable and lightweight machine, easy to carry around with you, and easy to set up, it is also easy to port at any destination of your choosing. The machine comes with its own HDMI cable. Apart from its greatly reduced noise levels, the projector also has double tube cooling technology installed. With the LED technology installed, all your viewing images are as clear as daylight.

Not quite, as it turns out. Bluish color pictures are possible on the screen. Speaking of the color blue, the Blusmart LED ups the ante where lumens is concerned. Its lumens is 1800. Direct light sources are avoided through diffused reflection technology. A single color white LED lamp has been installed. This gives you cool, crisp and sharper visual images. Cooling technology is also installed. So too, there’s a reduction in noise.

The Blusmart is a lot brighter than most of the other projectors being flogged on the net today. Apart from its portable size, the machine has a number of slots in place for a variety of card insertions. These slots are AV, SD, USB, TV and HDMI. So you have the convenience of connecting your projector to both TV and video devices. Necessary customer support is also said to be quite professional and smart. Finally, the third projector in this short sample.

The Crenova is absolutely ideal for those of you who insist on complete portability. The projector is so small; it has been described as being ‘mini’. You can also port this machine anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Amazingly, in spite of the projector’s small size, big screen movie watching continues unabated. To promote a clearer picture, square pixels have been utilized in the Crenova projector.  And that’s really that for now. As they say, there’s plenty more where that came from. Just make sure it’s the right choice.